Monday, April 25, 2011

Natural Gemstones vs. the other stuff

Why use natural gemstones? Honestly, the feel of a natural gemstone is like none other. There's a comfort in the weight and texture of gemstones that you just don't get with synthetic or man-made materials. Natural gemstones seem to have a look about them that man has tried and failed to harness. Many times just the inward glow of a stone is enough to draw me in, that perfect hint of sparkle with out being "loud". I love to run my fingers over a stone, feel the imperfections, the smooth cold surface that warms up to my touch. I haven't met that equal in synthetic materials.

There are also beliefs that natural gemstones have metaphysical properties, energy, that can aid us in many different aspects of our lives. These energies can range from simply uplifting our spirits to helping our health. Am I saying rocks can cure cancer? Of course not, that would be silly of me. What I'm saying is, it is believed that the energy that gemstones put forth can aid us. Now, some believe that the gemstones themselves put out energy that you direct towards a purpose. Some believe that gemstones and crystals have energy that aids us in guiding our own energies toward a healthier life, or a happier life, a life with love, a successful life with a job, you get the idea. They help us to help ourselves. I subscribe to the second statement myself. I feel that if you are depressed, by wearing or keeping certain stones with you, you are encouraged by that stone's energy to better yourself, to use your own energies to pull through. The same could be said for stones used for health. By carrying or wearing a crystal meant to aid in health matters, you may alleviate the stress factor that could be creating more havoc with your health than you knew. I certainly don't mean you shirk off your meds and buy every crystal and gemstone on the market. I feel that things in the metaphysical realm (healing, reiki, crystals) are many times needed to work in tandem with treatments needed in the medical realm. Personally, I take several medicines for health and mental health difficulties. I also have several bracelets and necklaces I use on a daily basis. My favorite stones are always on my person, helping me through my physical and mental aspects, and believe me, they do help. I can always tell when I've forgotten to put on my jewelry, always. Even my husband will ask if I'm wearing a certain item or if I've forgotten to put it on (again).

Whether you look to jewelry as simply the girly thrill of completing an outfit, or for the metaphysical qualities that go with, I hope you will choose to go with natural gemstones.


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